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Retirement Planning

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Trisperity Advisors - Katy Certified Financial Planner - Plan for Retirement

Retirement is being reinvented. It’s no longer our parent’s retirement. Social Security alone won’t see us through retirement, especially for higher income earners. And traditional pension plans that pay generous lifetime defined benefits are becoming less common. Instead, we must be more personally responsible for funding our retirement.

Moreover, retirement today is more than just a matter of accumulating a sufficient nest egg. Increasing life expectancy and the trend toward early retirement has made retirement an extended stage of life. People can expect to spend 15 to 35 years or more in retirement, which begs many questions. What retirement lifestyle do you envision? Do you want to work part-time…travel…start a small business…golf? How should you save for retirement?
The professionals at Trisperity work with people in all “stages of retirement” and can help you answer these many questions and achieve your dream of a comfortable, fulfilling, financially secure retirement. What are the best asset allocation and distribution strategies to make your money last during that long retirement?