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Trisperity Profile

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Our name Trisperity comes from the Latin roots tri- and sper-. The sper- means to succeed, as in prosperity. This is a state we strive to create or maintain for every client. The tri- represents the three things people typically want to do with their financial assets that we help them to achieve -- protect, grow and give (to charities and loved ones).
Trisperity offers an exceptional concentration of professional talent, resources and services at the same Katy, TX location including retirement planning and investment management!

We seek to develop long-term partnerships with our clients through West Houston, a commitment that often lasts for generations! We constantly strive to deliver a premium level of service and personalized attention to you and your family, through every stage of your life.


Craig Narum, CFP®

Craig Narum is the Principal for Trisperity Advisors. After extensive consultation and review of a client's objectives and financial holdings, Craig presents a financial Roadmap which guides clients on their way to financial independence. He also ensures that their assets are managed in alignment with their goals for protection, growth, and availability to fulfill their future needs and final plans of passing wealth to loved ones and charity. He is accessible to clients during the year to help them address other important wealth objectives as they arise.

Craig has 30+ years of experience in wealth advisory, investment portfolio management, business and cash flow analysis, capital allocation and strategic decision-making. Previously, Craig served as a corporate planning manager for Mobil Oil Corp and business management system director for Halliburton-Landmark Graphics.

Craig has served on boards of the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations and is a member of the national Financial Planning Association. He has volunteered locally for several years with Boy Scouts of America and Junior Achievement. Craig is a frequent contributor to the local media on money matters, including guest speaking events on financial planning topics for businesses, industry trade groups and other organizations. 


Associate Advisor


Jeffrey McCulloch, CFP® 
Jeff McCulloch is the Associate Advisor for Trisperity Advisors to help fulfill a growing demand to provide financial planning and investment management services to new and existing clients. Jeff meets and works with clients to understand their financial planning needs. Then, he performs the analysis and provides implementation considerations for them to help meet their objectives. When clients need investment management advisory, he also works with our investment asset custodians to onboard new investing clients and helps resolve ongoing operational demands.

Jeff earned his Bachelors of Science in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University in 2006 and has been working in all phases of personal financial planning for over 10 years. Jeff is an avid outdoorsman and is active in Taekwondo with his family. He is a native Texan and has lived in the west Houston/Katy area for many years.


Professional Network


Trisperity likes to work in areas where we can provide a high quality service people expect. Occasionally, our clients have other related needs beyond our areas of strength. For these situations, we like to work with their current advisors or leverage our network of CPAs, income tax preparers, insurance specialists, attorneys, and other professionals. We find that this team collaboration approach often results in a higher quality and more complete solution for our clients.

Visit Friends of Trisperity to find a partial list of our extended professional network.